Is your Dog in Heat? Find out!

Is your Dog in Heat? Find out!

Estrus cycle, also known as a heat cycle is one of the crucial stages of a female dog’s life and crops up after every six months, though this time many vary from breed to breed. Being an owner of a female dog, you must know when actually your pet is in heat, as she may require an extra deal of attention at this particular point of time.

So, below mentioned symptoms are the common ones that will indicate whether the heat cycle of your female dog has commenced or not. Take a look.

  • Mood change is the first and foremost symptom to confirm that your dog is in heat. Your dog will become too sensitive, especially in the beginning of the season
  • Swollen nipples are another great symptom indicating the heat season is on. Well, this is also a sign of pregnancy so you must take your pet to a dog specialist for an exact detail.
  • Males actually smell the change in a female’s hormones so they start showing a lot of interest. So, if you figure out some male activities around your home, it is pretty clear your dog is in heat.
  • The vulva usually swells up during the heat season, but this too is variable as some swell while some do not.
  • Blood discharge is the right pointer the heat cycle has begun so; keep an eye on pinkish or reddish discharge.

Once you know the heat cycle of female dog has commenced, make sure you are taking her proper care as they actually need an extra deal of attention at this time.

Is your Dog in Heat? Find out!
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Is your Dog in Heat? Find out!
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