Real Protection from Leaks and Drips

Real Protection from Leaks and Drips

Seasonals® dog diapers and belly bands are the worry-free solution to incontinence, heat cycle, and urinary behavior messes. Discover how our superior combination of comfort, quality, and convenience make us the best choice to keep your furniture and carpets clean and odor-free year round.


Seasonals® products use a special 100% cotton flannel lining that won’t damage your dog’s coat or chafe her skin. Our adjustable velcro closures, elastic banding, and range of sizes ensures you will get a perfect fit that won’t slip.


Many breeders have commented on the amazing longevity of Seasonals® products—some as long as ten years. We’re not surprised. Each dog diaper and belly band is hand-made with top quality US-sourced materials right here in the USA. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Seasonals® product for any reason, return it for a refund or exchange. No problem, no hassle, and no questions asked.


Seasonals® are easy to use. Simply place any self-adhesive sanitary napkin in the space provided under the tail hole. Then slip the Seasonals® over the dog’s tail and secure snugly using the adjustable velcro closures. Cleanup is easy, just machine wash in warm water and hang to dry. Seasonals® are built to withstand many cycles on even the most active dogs.


Choose from 12 different 100% cotton fabrics. Each Seasonals® is lined with soft white cotton flannel and trimmed with color coordinated cotton.


Seasonals® are made in 10 standard sizes which fit all breeds from toy to giant. Custom orders are no problem for hard-to-fit or uncommon breeds.