Our Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is Important to Us!

That’s why Seasonals does exchanges for any reason. Just call and tell us what you need and we will ship it back. If you do not like the color or there is a problem with the fit, we will happily accommodate your needs. No problem, no hassle, and no questions asked. However, if you did not take advantage of our free shipping deal we cannot refund your shipping cost.

Buying Tips

When looking for dog diapers it is important to consider the following points:

Size & Fit

The size of your dog is the most important feature to consider when buying a dog diaper or belly band. If the product does not fit well it will not stay on and may chafe your pet. Dog Diapers that are too tight will not be comfortable for the dog and they will be difficult to remove. Seasonals has 10 different sizes for female dogs, and 7 different sizes for male dogs, as well as custom sizes. Most pet stores only carry two sizes, extra small & small.


The materials are another important feature. Seasonals Doggie Diapers and Belly Bands are made of cotton on the inside felt liner and soft durable cotton on the outside which act in unison to keep the dog comfortable. Cotton is breathable and light, and most dogs will not mind wearing a diaper after trying it on a few times. The cloth material has fitted edges with elastic banding. Avoid plastic waterproof diapers, as these will retain heat, and be uncomfortable for many dogs. Our competitors use diapers manufactured in China that are made of inferior material and simply will not hold up.

Made in USA

We maintain our commitment to top quality products made in the USA. Our fabrics use US Cotton, and are woven and printed in the United States.


The quality of our dog diapers has always been second to none. We have the strongest Velcro straps and a proven size pattern that keeps our diapers strong for many years.


Our dog diapers have stood the test of time. Many breeders come back to us over the years and complement our longevity. In fact, many diapers have lasted almost ten years. Baby diapers or sanitary napkins can be placed inside a cloth diaper to keep owners from having to wash your dogs diaper often. Our products also hold up very well to machine washing.

Quick Delivery

If you need a diaper right now, we can help. Many diapers and belly bands are in stock so orders can usually be sent out the same day. Seasonals has the size and color selection that cannot be found anywhere else. Save time by ordering online.

No Hassle Returns

Have comfort in knowing there are no questions asked when exchanging a diaper for size or quality. We want our customers to buy with confidence.

Seasonals has manufactured Dog Diapers since 1988. Our main goal has always been to serve our customers and their dogs with quality products that will provide satisfaction for years to come.